Benjamin Townsend with his dogsWho is Ben Townsend? He is a 37 year old man living in Liverpool, New York. Ben loves to learn, create and explore. He is an active Amateur Radio Operator holding the highest FCC License Class (Amateur Extra), callsign AK2X, and serves as the Webmaster for the Fulton Amateur Radio Club. Ben has a passion for great beers, is an avid home brewer. If you look at Ben's camera you'd be likely to find more photos of his dogs than anything else.  Ben is also an avid "Do It Yourself-er" you will often find him with hammer in hand during his free time.

Ben is currently employed by a medium sized non-profit charitable organization in Syracuse, NY. He serves as the Team Lead in the IT Department, the majority of his work is spent doing Drupal development and working with the internal systems infrastructure to host the developed systems.


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